This is the second layer to the 30″X40″ cover up expressing emotional depth.  Sadness and anger.


Cover Up


Female Figure, 30″X40″ 2011


Female Figure has been gathering dust for some time now.  I figured it was time to cover it up.  Using magic!  *Sparkle* *Sparkle*


Skyscape Rose, 30″X40″ 2016 (First Layer)


Skyscape Rose is being explored using acrylics and circular motions.  It took about 2 hours to complete this cover up.  More details and depth will be added later.

Self Portraits

As we grow older with age we perceive ourselves differently. Different emotions, different theories, different personalities, different styles, different versions.  Different is equal to change.  Change is good.  It shows transgression.  We go beyond our limitations to strive for something amazing.  Below are some examples of these different versions:


I am at the point of comfort with my technique.  Using color pencil for expressive marks and ink for outlining key elements.  I am able to capture emotion and apply some symbolism.  Whenever I wear a bowtie I feel like a present.  The suspenders are how you can suspend me on your wall.  I am an art piece.


I am experimenting with color combination.  Go ahead hold your breath.  You can hold your breath until you’re blue in the face.  It’s not going to make me buy that candy for you.  Ever hear that growing up?  There are so many colors in the face it’s fascinating!


I am experimenting with caricature.  Maybe I have what it takes to make caricatures like all the big shots at fairs?  I wanted to know for sure if I was capable.  I manipulated the face focusing on smile, eyes and hair.  I was hopped up on cappuccino in this pic.  Sugar smile, wide awake eyes and luxurious workers hair.


I am experimenting with materials, expressions, manipulations and lighting.  I made many trial and error pieces.  Sunglasses covering the eyes must mean I can’t draw eyes?  Lets not forget smudges don’t disappear easily in yellow oil pastel.  So much color pencil in the nose of the screaming piece it almost blends in.  Top piece was my favorite piece this year.  Focused on red, yellow and blue.  Left light source white and popped the hair and eyes with black ink.  Surrounding with red ink.  The red and yellow play well with each other. Red to me symbolizes controversy meaning love and anger.  To be loving but angry at the world?  To be angry all the time which blinds the love around you?  Red is a color needing to seen.  Yellow on the other hand needs to be fantastical.  It means glow, shine, magic, objectified riches to me. Anywho enough about colors. Lot of theories in place with experimentations.

These last few years have taught me to take risks and go outside my comfort zone.  To open up and look underneath rocks.  Maybe their is a gem or a centipede or a whole other world disguised as dirt.  You never know until you go out and try.  It’s certainly been an exciting journey thus far.  I’m glad to consider it never ending!  Thanks for your eyes inputting these words.  Til next time!


Story Time

I’ve been working with all sorts of storyboards.  These three best exemplify my work thus far.  Literal, Internal and Comical.  Literally to express strong feelings.  Internally from the inside perspective. Comically to bring joy and humor.  My goal in life is to share outcomes from new experiences,  to get a better understanding and to save people like a super hero.

Great Day

Great Day.jpg

Once upon a time their once lived a man who thought it would be wise to jump in a river.  It was no dare nor for fun.  It was for a Frisbee golf disc that was not his own.  He thought, what’s the big harm in doing this?  Strip down to my underwear and simply walk/swim toward the slowly moving disc.  Simple as that.  After doing a successful recovery. This man gets out of the river covered in goop from the shin down.  It was surely an experience never to forget.  This man was me.  Check that off my bucket list.  Completing the course only 20+.  Cows are happy to provide so many people with tasteful memories. In turn makes them happy.  Burgers and brats filling us up as the lightning strikes in the horizon.  Ever wonder what would happen if you got struck by lightning?

Okie (Thoughts)


So many thoughts and theories about life.  Being a nice guy by holding a door open.  Bubble creation by isolation.  World creation.  Learning to fly?  Clouds taste like cotton candy.  Lightning doesn’t disintegrate people it teleports them into different worlds with insight.  The face could display past, present and future.  Mostly the eyes.  Mind asks too many questions.  Open up the brain.  Explore different outcomes.  To be understanding.  To live the adventure!


I was once given the nickname “Ohboy” at work.  Since then an adventure broke loose.  Day dreaming of a younger me never aging, indestructible, gullible and having all the super powers.  He’d be the most unstoppable super hero!  Aside from his candy addiction.

Thanks for reading.  Til next time!  *up up and away*


Pink Tree


Falling leaves from a tree. Shedding old memories. Becoming naked from the cold. Growing ever so old.

This piece represents new beginnings.  As the weather changes from warm to cold my leaves will begin to change.  Crumbling to the ground will be my past, crispy and stale.  I will continue to grow and flourish with more leaves then before.  The wind will dance as I sway with the others.  I will protect and provide for as long as I can.  I am a pink tree.  Pink to provide love and purity.  Cold to the barks touch.

I spoke to the trees in my neighborhood once; they were very moving and encouraged me to never give up.  Push forward.  Pull those important to you toward you.  Push away all the pain and misery and let it get lost in the wind.  We’re all lonely trees in this vast world.  Sometimes getting cut down to benefit others.  Abused with broken branch limbs and cuts.  To fall or not to fall will anyone hear my cries?  All these trees reach for the sky trying to grasp the dancing wind.  Birds and creatures of flight are our pets as they live within us.

Trees have roots that stay in the ground.  These roots could very much be the braches we see today.  Upside down?  Perhaps a link between two worlds. The shaft of the tree must be the door to both worlds.  High and low.  Trees could have been meant to keep us connected to our loved ones that have passed?

Mind Over Matter

Good evening mind!  I’m here to release thee!  Wakey wakey! 

*yawn* *rub* *rub* *blink* *blink*  Tangled!  So many crossing wires!  Gotta clean clean clean.  Today was a marvelous day!  Brightest I’ve ever seen the sun it was illuminating!  AH THE AGONY!!  I AM BLIND!! 

Oh thought process…quit picturing the sun it wouldn’t be as blinding. 

Warmth be it stays though.  In my heart I get goosebumps.  Remember what that cloud looked like back in college?  So many cute elephants!! 

Focus on art.

Art to me is everywhere so much color and life.  Experiencing it when getting pushed and pulled by wind and rain speckles on the sidewalk just before it starts down pouring.  It’s all there right when we open our eyes it flourishes.  Makes us feel something entirely not our own.  Letting down our mask.

Weather is a beautiful experience indeed.

People are artistic forms.  Emitting infectious emotions.  Connecting with one another through eye contact.  With smiles and laughter.  Tears and anger.  I have longed to socialize with people. It’s been far too long since I’ve been let out…

These people aren’t so easy to communicate with! 

-All thoughts in one mind-

Some days my thoughts contradict one another and I end up running in circles.  One being overly optimistic and energetic, the other being bossy realistic and many others.  Each day presents different outcomes.  Mask like emotions (like smile and happy eyes) are to ward off any sad seekers.  Sad seekers are people that “care” (some care, not all) and ask “what’s wrong?”  Infectious as crying is, they prevent themselves from doing it by fixing the leak.  “Man up!”  “You need a hug?” “You ok?”   As you progress down deeper.  Their is logic and thrive for knowledge, heart, smile, laughter, compassion, energy, sad, depressed, mad, jealous, fear, air, electricity, wind, earthquake, ramble and maybe more.  Deeper then that is secrets.  Secrets hold all the answers.  The deepest part of me consists of The Holy Spirit, Christ and Love.

Some of what I’ve said may not be accurate according to books.  For now I’m just sharing what I feel.  If I feel like a earthquake I will let you know what level I’m at.  My hands start shaking.  Electricity feels shocking touching another person’s hand or connect with a spark. So on and so forth.

I have so much more to ramble on about.  I don’t plan on being a spammer.  I want to take anyone willing along with me.  I plan on posting every  Thursday/Friday and Saturdays.  I have shenanigans worth sharing.  Til next time thanks!