Rosa Aurora

Welcome to Rosa Aurora!  Every year all the roses de-petal and shoot straight to the sky reaching for the stars.  Some believe it is due to the overwhelming environment in which they reside in; city folk are too noisy and bright causing the stars to disappear.  Others believe it is because they are fed up with being stuck to the ground so they quit and decided to take to the sky.  I’m here to tell you that both are somewhat true.

They take to the sky to see the stars better, they re-petal themselves farther away from the light so they can enjoy the starlight view.  They are called moonlight roses and are the rarest to find once they de-petal.  Also they are the hardest to capture since they have a mind of their own.  If you come across one enjoy the view and don’t disrupt its journey.  They wither away too easily.

I tried to capture as much a I could in this acrylic painting to emulate such a wondrous place.  The cool wind bustling through your hair and body rising goosebumps.  Smell that fresh cut grass followed by rain then roses and a hint of strawberry.  Mmm that strawberry air tastes so scrumptious.  Phew-Cha-Cha is the sound they make, kind of like the ruffling sound of cheerleader pompoms combined with whistling.

How do you get to Rosa Aurora?  You might be wondering.  Well first off the tickets there are extremely cheap.  It’s insane!  For however much you charge yourself to close each eye.  It takes two closed eyes to imagine this place.  Good luck in your travels!  Weather forecast is unknown.  Overthinking lightning clouds may damage your transition so don’t think just feel.

Thanks for joining me on this journey to Rosa Aurora! I hope you enjoy your stay and become less stressed.



Hey hey everyone it’s been a couple months.  I’ve been extremely busy with the nice weather and vacationing.  I’ve picked up photography as a new skill.  I’m slowly learning:

I will have most of my photos on Instagram feel free to follow me if you wanna see more.

As for drawings/paintings:

It’s been a fun Maypril (May + April = Maypril).  I will keep at it as the year progresses.  Experiencing so many new experiences.  Thanks for joining me on this journey!



This 12″X24″ piece took a couple weeks and has been gifted to my youngest brother for Christmas.  Basketball and giraffes were all I could think about.  What would they be saying if they could talk?

Come on lets play basketball!

Giraffes like myself don’t play basketball.

Fine let’s play giraffsketball then!


Balance the ball like this.

Then what?

That’s giraffsketball.

I don’t get it…

You wouldn’t get it you’re just a giraffe…

So are you!!

I’m a giraffsketball.  Giraffe. Get. Ball.

Patience Circuit

Surround it with light and let it emit heat.  “Keep your cool.”  Big moments and small moments will emerge.  Let light the situation, prevent overheating.  Deep breaths to see the sky.  The time will come.  Fly around and connect.  No one should be considered less.

patience circuit.jpg

Acrylic paints on 24″ X 12″ canvas.  Anticipate this piece as you wish.