Grid Method: Cowboy Sketch

It all started with some modeling practice.  Cowboy modeling practice to be exact partner.  I wanted to incorporate this image in my 5.5″X8.5″ sketchbook.  So I used grid method to piece together this puzzle.  Altered the image to better accommodate my sketchbook and added lines using Photoshop.  Aside from the eyes looking like demon eyes I think the grid method was a success.

Cowboy Edited5.5X8.5 Grid SketchbookCowboy Edited Photo Realism 5.5-8.5

Grid Method Cowboy Drawing and Reference PhotoGrid Method Cowboy Drawing


Self Portraits

As we grow older with age we perceive ourselves differently. Different emotions, different theories, different personalities, different styles, different versions.  Different is equal to change.  Change is good.  It shows transgression.  We go beyond our limitations to strive for something amazing.  Below are some examples of these different versions:


I am at the point of comfort with my technique.  Using color pencil for expressive marks and ink for outlining key elements.  I am able to capture emotion and apply some symbolism.  Whenever I wear a bowtie I feel like a present.  The suspenders are how you can suspend me on your wall.  I am an art piece.


I am experimenting with color combination.  Go ahead hold your breath.  You can hold your breath until you’re blue in the face.  It’s not going to make me buy that candy for you.  Ever hear that growing up?  There are so many colors in the face it’s fascinating!


I am experimenting with caricature.  Maybe I have what it takes to make caricatures like all the big shots at fairs?  I wanted to know for sure if I was capable.  I manipulated the face focusing on smile, eyes and hair.  I was hopped up on cappuccino in this pic.  Sugar smile, wide awake eyes and luxurious workers hair.


I am experimenting with materials, expressions, manipulations and lighting.  I made many trial and error pieces.  Sunglasses covering the eyes must mean I can’t draw eyes?  Lets not forget smudges don’t disappear easily in yellow oil pastel.  So much color pencil in the nose of the screaming piece it almost blends in.  Top piece was my favorite piece this year.  Focused on red, yellow and blue.  Left light source white and popped the hair and eyes with black ink.  Surrounding with red ink.  The red and yellow play well with each other. Red to me symbolizes controversy meaning love and anger.  To be loving but angry at the world?  To be angry all the time which blinds the love around you?  Red is a color needing to seen.  Yellow on the other hand needs to be fantastical.  It means glow, shine, magic, objectified riches to me. Anywho enough about colors. Lot of theories in place with experimentations.

These last few years have taught me to take risks and go outside my comfort zone.  To open up and look underneath rocks.  Maybe their is a gem or a centipede or a whole other world disguised as dirt.  You never know until you go out and try.  It’s certainly been an exciting journey thus far.  I’m glad to consider it never ending!  Thanks for your eyes inputting these words.  Til next time!