Playing w/ Illustrator

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while.  I’ve been playing with Adobe Illustrator unlocking different techniques and finding many uses and ideas.

These starters play with gradient tool, ellipsis tool, alignment, shape merging, color and text:shellyfish-watermark


One day I will make a cartoon.  It will be a cartoon in which I can explain to my past self all that I have learned.  I will tell him, “Hey!  You remember looking up at that clock during lunch hour back in elementary school and predicting how your future would turn out?  So far so good on this end.  It’s far less dark on this side and way more understanding.  Try letting go of that anger.  Truly express yourself in your art.  You’re angry and confused!  Go all out and rip that paper and stab that paint brush into all forms of material.  Don’t be afraid of getting close to people either.  People want to get to know you.  Instead of building walls build bridges.  I know you’re the new kid and no one wants to be your partner.  Instead of crying, try!  Instead of being afraid of the dark, be the light!

Hug Great Grandma Arlene as much as you can.  She comes back every know and again to give heavenly hugs.  Love to learn!  You were right to spend recess in the library.  Books are the perfect escape at your point of torture.  Don’t watch anymore inappropriateness on Cinemax/ HBO!!  It destroys all your chances at learning and becomes addictive.  Your brain is mush from all the TV you have watched.  READ THOSE BOOKS!!  Mom is still trying to provide for us even though she is in dire need.  When you get to the point where you start working with her make sure she doesn’t admit to something that she didn’t do!  That point in her life destroyed everything!  Being the foundation of our life she has a big whopper of a crack.  So keep helping out around the house.  Cook and clean and be organized.  Don’t give a dollar to that kid you punched…Hopefully if you read this before entering elementary school you won’t be as angry or alone.  You stay amazing!  Light overcomes our darkness! *Time loop high five!*”

I have so much more I’d like to help him out with.  Who knows maybe someone is going through what I went through!?!  Sharing this cartoon to help bring optimism into peoples lives will be the goal.