Eddie Van Halen/ Bruce Lee / Randy Rhoads

The following are commissioned pieces:

Van Halen Lighting2Bruce Lee2Eddie VanHalen GuitarRandy Rhoads Guitar

On 18″X24″ paper drawn with color pencil, graphite pencil, ink and marker.  Setup time before color was about 1.5 hours.  Coloring and detail ranged from 2-4 hours depending on the difficulty.  All in all I’m proud my client was happy with the results. Thanks for the challenge! 🙂


Grid Method: Cowboy Sketch

It all started with some modeling practice.  Cowboy modeling practice to be exact partner.  I wanted to incorporate this image in my 5.5″X8.5″ sketchbook.  So I used grid method to piece together this puzzle.  Altered the image to better accommodate my sketchbook and added lines using Photoshop.  Aside from the eyes looking like demon eyes I think the grid method was a success.

Cowboy Edited5.5X8.5 Grid SketchbookCowboy Edited Photo Realism 5.5-8.5

Grid Method Cowboy Drawing and Reference PhotoGrid Method Cowboy Drawing


Welcome to a new year folks!  2018 promises so many good and bad things!  Looking forward to every moment. Woo!  Sorry for the lack of keeping in touch.  Between switching positions at work, moving, birthdays and vacations.  I still kept up with drawing:


15 minute breaks at work, over thoughtfulness and the inability to sit still are the results of the above drawings.  Some of these were fun to think about:

Drawing on napkins, scratch paper and sometimes toilet paper were the materials used at work.  Don’t get me wrong.  I work my butt off at work, which is why I have this need to draw when I’m on my breaks. To escape. To recharge. To win.  Doing this has kept me insane, which is what I prefer.  Recently I have been getting more in depth with some drawings:


Staying on course.  Adding a new little fun in each piece.  Dogs that like saying “dawg”.  Horses that chew bubblegum.  Blue eyes like the sky.  Bear harness for when they fall out of trees.

Thanks for your patience with my long break.  2018 here we come! 😀

Tree Staff

YEAH I’M TALKING TO YOU!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?!”  Yelled a man with no eyes.  Yet he sees me somehow *pondering how and walking around him*.  “You can see me!?”  “HELL YEAH YOU’RE FLOATING AROUND IN MY HOUSE!!!  RIGHT THERE!” He points straight at me.  “May I ask ho…” “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!” *swings two bats*  Broken pieces lay on the ground.  He rushes to find another weapon.  Knifes, pans, pots…he threw everything at me with a single screech!


Alas none of those items did a thing.  This man was red mad.  Steaming from the ears and oozing out the mouth. Millions of blue spots start appearing on his face.  What are they?  They begin to glow bigger and bigger.  Blinded by the light.  “AAAAAHHHHH!!!”  “OOOFF!” He shoves me out the door with me landing on my back. *DOOR SLAMS SHUT!* “Man what was that!?!”  This species shouldn’t be able to see.  I was simply observing.  Why so private?  Lets try the x-ray vision to find out.  *shoom*  “AAAHHBAAAHHHLAAA!!!  STOP SPYING ON ME!!!” *ANOTHER BLINDING LIGHT*  This is getting freaky!  How can he possibly know that I was spying on him!?!  “OH NO, CRAP! NO! NO! NONONONO! NNNNOOOO!”  *The house disappeared* Now I have to start all over.  Back to square one….*teleports*

“Day 31245 Num-nums are able to see.  It’s hard to track such a beast with their constant teleporting.  They are very private and spiritual beings.  Known to rely solely off their mouths to survive.  Perhaps with heightened taste you’re able to sense a difference in the area around you!?!  He could taste eye sight?  That could’ve been a different species of num-num.  This one had millions of blue spots?  Maybe those were it’s eyes that normally blend in to the skin?” tree-staff

“Now to find this staff!”  This tree staff is the rarest of rarest to find.  It can shift into any tree and phase into the ground.  Their is only one way to obtain such uberness.  Vibrations.  Whenever the staff transforms it gives off a high frequency.  This is also true whenever it phases into the ground.  The power emanating from this staff also affects the trees around it.  They become more fluorescent.  “How to catch this staff?  Do I lay on the ground and wait for a big vibration?  Hug the center popular looking tree?  OH WAIT!!!”  Staff world exists now woo hoo!  *teleports*

*Headed toward Staff Central*  Big rock guard looks asleep.  I walk right by him.  CRAP!  I’m frozen…I can’t see a thing.  *unfrozen* “What are you doing here?” says the wind in multiples.  “I’m in search of the all mighty tree staff!”  “Which one?” in multiples once again.  Is this some sort of test?  I yell out “FLOURESCENT!”  A blinding light appears in front of me.  It looks like a mere tree branch.  *picks up the branch and starts swinging*  “I can feel the uberness take hold oh yes!  I feel the power!”  All of a sudden laughter shimmers the air “hahahaha!  that’s just a tree branch”  face turns red from embarrassment. “I know this isn’t the staff I have a picture.” Smug as smug can be.  “WAIT WHAT!?! LIES!!” in multiples. *takes out the picture* “Have a look for yourself!”  the tree staff itself appears!  “This is my true form how did you take this picture?”  “I know a guy.”  “Who!?!” “A fellow teleporter like myself.”  I know of no teleporters!  How did you take this picture!!”  The leaves wither away and the branches get sharper.  It almost feels angry.  “I can’t help but feel threatened?”  “NO ONE MUST KNOW OF MY EXISTANCE!  THIS PICTURE BRINGS GREAT EVIL!” *the picture burns*  “NO ONE!!!”  A blast of splinters shoot out toward me.  “Owwie!”  Well isn’t this great.  False intel once again from my buddy Roger…Lets see how this ends…I try teleporting away it doesn’t work.  I try it again and again.  Nothing.  I try running away.  “AAAAAHHH!”  The tree staff appears wailing monstrous apples at me.  “YOU MUST DIE!”  Unleashing it’s deadly spore attack, I end up dying.  As I begin to decompose I become one with the ground.  The tree staffs vibrations are near.  All around I feel its vibrations.  “I must know before I disperse your grounded body, why did you come seek me?”  my spirit shakenly states, “I wanted you and I to be friends and fight crimes together. I didn’t mean to over step I am sorry.”  Spiritual tear rolls down growing the plant above.  The vibration disappears.  I begin to wallow.  “I can’t believe I’m dead.”  I feel as though my body is getting deeper and deeper into the ground.  It’s getting to the point of heat.  “Why haven’t I ascended to heaven?  This seems strange!”    I try teleporting just to see if I could…Nope.  Nothing.  I try moving what’s left of my body.  *wiggle wiggle*  My toes feel free.


I’m back home laying in bed.  “That was a weird dream.”  *tries to teleport*  That’s lame…